World Trade Organizations and their heads- General Knowledge

By | 24/03/2016

Hello Guys, How are you ?. Through this posts,  I would like to share some facts about Indians who are working in various world organization and Makes Indians pride. WTO stands for World Trade Organization.WTO was born out of the General Agreement on Traffic and Trade, Which was established in 1947.Here we are updates about some Indian who are at a good place across the world in world Organization, WHO, UNO, World Bank etc,

  1. The first Indian to become the chairman of the Human Rights Committee of UNO:

           (a) I.K. Gujral      (b) Shashi Tharur  (c) K.N. Dixit    (d)  P.N. Bhagavati

           Answer: d

  1. The year of Cairo Conference organized by UNO for the empowerment of woman:

          (a) 1994     (b) 1995    (c) 1996     (d) 1997

          Answer: a

  1. Who is the founder of the World Economic Forum ?.

            (a) Frederic Von Hayek         (b) Klaus Schwab

            (c) Joseph Stiglitz                  (d) Alfred Marshall

         Answer: b

  1. The organization whose stated aim is “ensure the ability of the Earth to nurture life in all its diversity”:

       (a) Greenpeace     (b) WWF   (c) WEF   (d) UNESCO

      Answer: a

  1. Greenpeace was founded in:

        (a) 1951      (b) 1961      (c) 1971      (d) 1981

        Answer: c

  1. The international coordinating body of Greenpeace is in:

         (a) Vancouver     (b) Geneva          (c) London            (d) Amsterdam

        Answer: d

  1. The headquarters of World Economic Forum:

          (a) Colony          (b) New York      (c) Davos             (d) Dubai

         Answer: a

  1. Which organization owns the ship ‘Rainbow Warner’ ?.

          (a) WMO    (b) Red Cross (c) Amnesty International           (d) Greenpeace

          Answer: d

  1. Name the international non-governmental organization whose stated mission is “to conduct research and generate action to prevent and end grave abuses of human rights and to demand justice for those whose rights have been violated.”:

          (a) Greenpeace                       (b) Red Cross

          (c) Scouts and Guides            (d) Amnesty International

           Answer: d

  1. Sir Julian Huxley was the first Director General of:

          (a) UNICEF    (b) UNESCO    (c) Amnesty International    (d) Interpol

          Answer: b

  1. The World Bank started functioning on:

       (a) 1946 June 25          (b) 1946 June 15  

       (c) 1946 June 20          (d) 1946 June 24

       Answer: a

  1. Which organization has the motto ‘It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness’ ?.

      (a) Red Cross       (b) Interpol    (c) Amnesty International    (d) WWF

      Answer: c

  1. The founder of Rotary International:

       (a) Melvin Jones (b) Henri Dunant (c) Paul Harris  (d) Julian Huxley

        Answer: c

  1. In which year Rotary International was founded ?.

      (a) 1905     (b) 1915      (c) 1925      (d) 1935

     Answer: a

  1. The headquarters of Rotary International is Evanswerton in:

      (a) Alabama         (b) Wyoming      (c) Illinois           (d) California

      Answer: c

  1. “Service above Sell” is the best-known motto of:

      (a) Lion’s Club              (b) Red Cross

      (c) Greenpeace              (d) Rotary International

    Answer: d

  1. In which year Oxfam was established ?.

      (a) 1954      (b) 1942     (c) 1924     (d) 1952

     Answer: b

  1. Where is the headquarters of Oxfam ?.

     (a) Oxford            (b) Evanswerton       (c) London          (d) Geneva

    Answer: a

  1. World Wide Fund for Nature was started functioning in:

       (a) 1951      (b) 1955     (c) 1961      (d) 1971

       Answer: c

  1. The logo of World Wide Fund for Nature:

        (a) Tiger     (b) Lion      (c) Dove     (d) Panda

        Answer: d

  1. Which organization has its headquarters in Gland, Switzerland ?.

         (a) Oxfam (b) Greenpeace (c) WWF     (d) Amnesty International

          Answer: c

  1. Where is the headquarters of International Organization of Standardization (ISO) ?.

        (a) London          (b) Geneva                   (c) Paris    (d) New York

          Answer: b

  1. In which year Organization of Standardization was established ?.

          (a)1947       (b) 1948    (c) 1949     (d) 1950

     Answer: a

  1. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) was established in:

      (a) 1944     (b) 1946     (c) 1947     (d) 1945

       Answer: d

  1. Where is the headquarters of the International Air TrAnsport Association (IATA) ?.

       (a) Ottawa           (b) Geneva           (c) Montreal       (d) London


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