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By | 06/03/2018

May I Come In Madam HD Video Episode 1-Sanjana & Sajan Love Story: A young man is dejected after being constantly henpecked by his wife. However, he is smitten by his good-looking boss and tries ways to seek her attention.

may i come in madam

May I Come in Madam:

Sandeep Anand (Sajan), Neha Pendse (Sanjana), Shoma Rathod, sapna Sikarwar(Kashmira), and two others are major characters in the serial May I Come in Madam. Sanjan is a man working for USE ME ADVERTISING Company where he is portrayed as being tortured by his mother in law Ramvati. In due course due to frustration and anger he falls in love with his hot, sexy and beautiful boss Sanjana Hitesh and his wife Kashmira is seen as a possessive yet loving women who gets possessed by her grandmother’s ghost(Soul) and hits everyone around her. Sanjana is kashmira best friend and is a dashing bold women who keeps teasing Sajan as she is his Boss. By own Sajan is shown to be torn between the three women in his life who individually have their own part to worry him. The entire issue around¬† a common household is brought up through various hilarious plots in the show.

The very complex issue of relationship and life are portrayed in a very smooth and light heated way in the programmed which has made the show popular and much loved by the common people.

This is one of the most entertaining, thoughtful stress remove/Controller episode….We thing you will like it most…

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